I am celebrating the beginning of my 18th year as owner and operator of Ferris Home Improvement and am looking for new clients who would like a trustworthy, fair, and reasonable Handyman to come to their home or business, give a free, fair estimate, and complete the work you want done in a reasonable time and with excellent results. All of my current clientele are very pleased with my work and many have referred me to their family and friends because of their complete satisfaction with my work. My rates are very competitive and I specialize in those pesky jobs around the house that you don’t know how to do, or don’t want to do, but, really need to be done. I know that finding a Handyman you can trust who has integrity and does an excellent job is not easy.

I am skilled in many trades including plumbing, electrical, drywall, painting, tiling, and finish trim work.  I remove the old and install the new and seamlessly retrofit the new to the old. I have experience ranging from simple home repairs (replacing locksets, replacing or repairing doors, windows, faucets and more) to larger home improvement projects (partial or complete remodeling of kitchens & bathrooms, doors, windows, sliding glass doors, decks, fences and more).
Give me a call and I will visit your home, discuss the work you want done, provide you with a free estimate and we can get started.



The difference a coat of paint can make to a room is Incredible ! This is one area that I specialize in. I can take a very drab, dull and tired room and transform it into a space that is bright, exciting and even cheerful ! A place that you will want to spent most of your time in, because the room is now so inviting and warm. I can also make suggestions to help you to decide on colors and hues. Picking the right colors can Really make a Huge difference !


Replacing old, corroded, or dripping faucets or shower controls, can really perk up a bathroom or kitchen. That old faucet or shower control only has so much life in it, but now it looks like it’s from the 70’s, or it had a battle with an acid monster, or both. Totally change the look and feel of your bathroom or kitchen or even laundry sink, by installing a new faucet setup today ! You will be the envy of your neighbors and friends !


Locksets & Deadbolts

So, you grab a hold of that door handle and it feels like it will come off in your hand any time now. Or you feel like you need some extra security from things going on in your neighborhood ? Get those locksets replaced or deadbolts installed now ! Don’t wait for that knob to fall off in your hand, or the door to get any more difficult to open ! Stop struggling with that door knob. Get it replaced today !

Light Fixtures

Do your light fixtures flicker or just look that they were left over from the last century ? It’s probably time to replace them with something new and elegant ! Something that will give it that look of “Wow !” You can pick out whatever one you want, and/or I can give you suggestions or options with different choices that you have. And, with the new LED options coming out every day, you can eliminate the “buzz” and it won’t flicker either ! And they are even more efficient and durable than CFL lights. Get a brighter living space today !


Drywall Repair

The door knob just went through the wall because there is no stop on the door, or your son has a habit of getting mad and putting holes in the drywall ? Had a leak in the ceiling, but now that the leak is fixed, the evidence and water stains or warped drywall is still there ? I can fix most drywall problems and make it look like it was never damaged.


Is your deck looking old and tired ? Is it covered with mold or green from the surrounding trees ? I can pressure wash it and then stain it or paint it to match whatever you want ! Do you need a railing installed or are some of the deck boards rotted or broken ? I can fix these as well.


Ceiling Fans

So, You are laying there in bed and your room is so Hot ! Boy, it would be nice to have some air moving around in the room here ! Replace that ugly light with a beautiful new ceiling fan ! Problem Solved.........Or your bathroom is always so foggy after your shower because there is no ventilation exhaust fan in your bathroom. Have a new bathroom exhaust fan installed and enjoy a fogless shower experience. You can also get a vent fan with one or two lights to boot !